Why? Cette première saison se compose de 6 épisodes, où l’on découvre avec une certaine nonchalance ce monde à part, loin des caricatures habituelles que l’on peut voir dans ce type de production. that have been criticized for being anti-feminist and what we can learn from them. The show is set in the future, and is a spinoff of the sci-fi movie Minority Report. Mindy is a doctor keen on finding her fairy tale happy ending. It’s been years since I watched the L-Word, but I hated it. The relationship between these two best friends is central to the show. The show is very direct with its feminism. Firefly is also good! Yup. And it is! Nancy doesn’t put up with Barb telling her she isn’t being herself. As mentioned, the show has been accused of fat-shaming and portraying body negative messages that echo those found in Shallow Hal and Fat Monica from Friends. The main character Rebecca Bunch, played brilliantly by creator Rachel Bloom, is also not your stereotypical protagonist. We see Nick suffer. (I didn’t end up dressing up as her though… I couldn’t find a stethoscope or lab coat in time! Whether that be in more episodes of Gypsy or in new additions to Netflix’s ever-growing slate of TV shows. It shows that some people are unfairly judgmental and represents the double standard well. – who plays Coralee Armstrong in the show – has spoken out to defend its core message and expressed her opposition to the immense criticism it has received so far. So many scenes in this show are so ripe with tension! And for that reason, we love it. The show has been sizzled to a crisp under the critical magnifying glass, with many claiming it is problematic for sensationalizing and glamorizing suicide, only focusing on the male gaze, and for being too upfront about sexual assault. Jessica Jones is about a woman who has super-strength and is a private investigator. Sareeta L recently posted…Bitch, Your New Favourite Feminist Magazine! I have watched all of these feminist TV shows over the past 3 years, and would highly recommend each one! Not only do we see June and the other handmaids suffer at the hands of Gilead, but we also see Commander Waterford and his wife Serena suffer. She has flaws like any well-rounded character (YAY) and it addresses that every woman deserves respect no matter what their background, and no matter with whom or how often they have sex. I’m relieved to know there are feminist shows like these in Asia. She has a lot of issues to deal with. By Zadie Wang. I’ve never seen this one, but my sister used to watch it when I was in high school. These five shows explored each issue in meaningful, non-stereotypical ways and featured women in front of and behind the camera. angered audiences for its insensitive take on its controversial subject matter that many have argued contains regressive, anti-feminist messages. Bitch, Your New Favourite Feminist Magazine. Additionally, having a complicated relationship with your mother, like Jessica does this past season, is certainly relatable. Here are the five best feminist TV shows of 2018: The Handmaid’s Tale. There are definitely a ton of other shows ... I’d heard that Gilmore Girls is pretty white too… I didn’t mention that just because I haven’t seen that many episodes. Let’s start with Insatiable, shall we? Tons of people loved it. or in new additions to Netflix’s ever-growing slate of TV shows. Sareeta L recently posted…8 Feminist TV Shows You Need To Watch. The show does a great job of not sexualizing the female characters, including those characters of color. Angela Tolsma recently posted…Hello Beautiful December, Ah Kimmy Schmidt is another great one! The premise of The Handmaid’s Tale is quite dark –  women are raped constantly –  and it’s truly terrifying to see how this hellscape could actually happen today. You will learn from this show. So if you disagree with Armstrong’s defence, at the very least we have learned from. That’s not to say you shouldn’t watch it or that it isn’t feminist.

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