You and I have been thinking far too small. Quotes Page Enchantress and the rest had been honored with a team statue set inside a park in Metropolis. Goals Evil-doer Thank you but are there any other candidates? MurderTortureConspiracyDestruction Injustice Comic. The EnchantressDr. After being convinced by Croc to reevaluate her, he decided to give her some freelance work. Black Adam would destroy her. Writing a fic. One of Enchantress' Hero Card icons resembles her look in Suicide Squad. Featuring weekly comic release discussions, creator AMAs, a friendly and helpful userbase, and much more! Enchantress' pre-fight interaction quote to, A minor Janet Jackson reference is made by Enchantress when she says "Call me Enchantress if you're nasty! A place for fans of DC's comics, graphic novels, movies, and anything else related to one of the largest comic book publishers in the world and home of the World's Greatest Superheroes! Man of Steel kicked off the DCEU to a cataclysmic start with the introduction of General Zod (Michael Shannon), a Kryptonian war criminal who almost totaled Metropolis in his quest to terraform the Earth into another Krypton. They travel to the site of the deaths of the other mystics, there to form plans. u/tari101190. June Moone force be separated for her lover poison guard grab while June scream to Croc tell him she can't live without him. Merchandise [Merchandise] JLA vs. Darkseid statue (Painted) by XM Studio. The Enchantress (real name: June Moone) is a powerful sorceress and a supervillainess from DC Comics. Once I've--. Destroy humanity (succeeded in a while).Help people who are in need (succeeded).Be with Killer Croc (succeeded). (Ability) (Replaces Astral Soul Rip) (Requires Both Ability Slots), Demon’s Dissolve: Meter Burning Vanish causes Enchantress to absorb projectiles and immediately disappear and then reappear behind her opponent. When Enchantress see her charnel prince got hurt she the teleport people unknown location after that she tell  him I always to protect you. Posted by. Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Full Name They gain much information from this tactic, though Enchantress has to stop in the middle and rest, not being able to keep up the tactic for long.Most recently, as part of the build-up to Infinite Crisis, she and other members of the Sentinels of Magic joined the Shadowpact to combat a Spectre gone mad in Day of Vengeance. Magical Supervillainess, Vast magical powersSuper strengthImmortalityEssokinesisSuper speedInvulnerabilitySpellcastingPyromancyAnimationReanimation/NecromancySoul absorptionAeromancyHydromancyFlightVoice controlMagic weaponryControl over dead beingsAbility to summon demonic creaturesHigh level fighting skillsPsychic abilitiesPossessionDivinationVitrikinesisErgokinesisTeleportationArtistryOccult knowledge. This also introduced Anita Soulfeeda, a succubus working with a group of Mafia-styled demons to resurrect Hermes Trismegestus. She compounds her offer with telepathic visions placed into the minds of Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and El Diablo, but Diablo can power through his vision, having come to terms with his accidental murder of his family. 2.1k. Killer Croc and June Moone are using the leave time Waller gave them to enjoy New York City. Ragman then misunderstands the situation and tries to kiss her, something she mocks him for later in front of their other allies. I guess other magic user, because magic is very inconsistent. Brainiac was beaten. When June was finally brought to the Enchantress' location, she manifested as a colossal monster made up of the bodies of hundreds of June Moones. Once the Suicide Squad arrives, Enchantress attempts to convince them to ally themselves with her to be granted their desires. Meter Burning Hypnotic Spell allows Enchantress to follow up with an extended combo. In this story her personality had changed, making her less a villain, but still a far cry from being a hero. The ultimate mark of a main villain is when he is the first name that pops up in your head when the topic comes up. And sure enough, the old witch ate him alive. The Enchantress (real name: June Moone) is a powerful sorceress and a supervillainess from DC Comics. She has also displayed all of the abilities previously exhibited by her New Earth version. During the course of the story, the Enchantress portion of June Moone was murdered by Faust to reignite the fires of Hell. After the Strange Adventures run, the evil Enchantress side manifested whenever June Moone changed. Origin Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's Dark Dimension,, In her ending, June can be seen designing the, Enchantress' quote "Your soul is mine" is a reference to the Mortal Kombat character Shang Tsung. In the New 52 the Enchantress displayed a wide variety of magical powers, but due to being separated from June Moone, they appeared at random and manifested across the planet in different guises, such as animating the Sphinx in Giza and making it attack tourists, and creating dozens of June Moone doubles wandering around on the freeway.

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