A strictly limited choice or division between only two options. What the Tribunal did not have and never saw was any record of an appeal which quashed either or both of the convictions. He could always find fault with something. ‘Either’ is always used there is a comparison between two ideas, and only one of the ideas will be cleared. Let’s see some sentence examples to understand the proper use of ‘neither-nor’ and ‘either-or’. We use either … or for connect things which are the same types, phrases, clauses or words. Also, the comma goes inside the close quote: This structure, “neither/nor”, is used to connect the same kind of word or phrase in the sentence. 21 people chose this as the best definition of either-or: Of or characterized by a... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Upon application of either or both of the parties, provided the employees be not less than twenty, this board is required to inquire into the cause of the dispute, with the aid of two expert assistants, who shall be nominated by the parties, and to render a decision, which is binding for at least six months upon the parties to the application. Either the students or the teacher…………..going to come to school tomorrow. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Non Starchy Vegetables: List of Non-starchy Vegetables …, WH Questions Words: Learn 8 WH Question …, THEN vs THAN: What’s the Difference Between …, AFFECT vs EFFECT Difference: It’s not As …. In turn either or both bodies may choose to investigate or not at any stage, subject only to the relevant statutory provisions. Unemployment by either or both parents causes financial hardships and social and emotional strain, which can disrupt family life. Would you fill in the blans please. Sarah liked neither Rome nor Paris. In …, WH Questions Words! An example of either or is when you are offered either spaghetti or cereal for dinner and are different between the two so you say "either or" to indicate that both would work. The word ‘Neither’ signifies that the two ideas or sentences are linked together. Either/or should always be used in a sentence in the affirmative sense when you are referring to a choice between two possibilities. You will always see these words together, and in … We use either … or for connect things which are the same types, phrases, clauses or words. “Either or” vs “Neither Nor”: How to Use Them Correctly? Neither the teacher nor the students………..in the class at present. Similarly, if either or both of the two batch blanks was found to contain benzophenone then the batch results were rejected. This method of passing the line lessens the danger of the heavy backwash carrying the towline into the screws of either or both boats. It is important to have a large …, Low Carb Vegetables! The either-or fallacy, also known as false dilemma or false dichotomy, is a type of fallacy (logically false belief) wherein a said situation has only a limited number of alternatives. Neither the students nor the teacher ……in the class at present. •You can either come with me now or walk home. You can stay either with me or with Janet. Sentence Examples of Either-or and Neither-nor. Examples •Either Mark or Samuel will go. We use either … or for connect things which are the same types, phrases, clauses or words. Example sentences with the word either-or. Examples of either-or There is no radical disjunction, no mutually exclusive ' either-or', between them. Examples •Either Mark or Samuel will go. From the Cambridge English Corpus Admirably, the slender volume does not provide easy answers, nor does it present ethical questions in an either-or dichotomy. What type of vegetables do you choose …. Using Either… or in English and Example Sentences; Either… or is a correlative conjunction. In general these HBVs are interchangeable and either or both can be used in an individual immunization series. “Well,” said Joe to Marie, “either you start fearing, or you are camping by yourself.” Once we have understood the usage of ‘either-or’, its time to learn about ‘neither-nor’. Using Both and, Either or, Neither nor in english; Using Both … and in English and Example Sentences; Both … and refers to two things or people together. •You can either come with me now or walk home. Here are some examples: Neither Sarah nor Peter was to blame for the mistake. if either or both of the expressions A and B involves x, and A is arithmetically equal to B for the particular value of x which we require), and if B = C is an identity (i.e. •You can either call me at home or the office. If a verb is already in the negative then either …or is used and not neither …nor. The expenses of the family, including the education of the children, are chargeable alike upon the property of either or both. Each of the subscribers controls a signal at A, and when either or both of the telephones are replaced, the action is indicated by the lamps there. •They don’t have enough time. He will be forever stuck between the two worlds, the good and the evil, without entering either or leaving either behind. We use either … or for connect things which are the same types, phrases, clauses or words. Example Sentences; You can be bothmother andbusiness woman.

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