They should see a doctor if they develop symptoms of acute respiratory infection – such as cough, sore throat and runny nose – as well as fever and loss of taste or smell, and inform the doctor of their exposure history. Here at Donkey Republic we took this time to slow down and focus on improving our apps and services. Do not visit your elderly relatives, call them instead. “There is no need to avoid places where confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been. Do you have an elderly neighbour or somebody in need of support? The following basic safety and hygiene measurements can go a very long way, and take only a few minutes a day. SINGAPORE — Two Orchard Road shopping malls and a Don Don Donki outlet were among the additions made by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (10 October) to a list of places visited by community cases while infectious. When you can, keep a 2-meter distance from colleagues and friends. Take similar action with objects you touch often. Clean your phone screen and the back of your phone every day. They should see a doctor promptly if they develop symptoms such as cough, sore throat and runny nose, as well as fever and loss of taste or smell, and inform the doctor of their exposure history. GoogleMap View. Take care of yourselves and look out for those around you that need help. Most of Europe is taking precautions to contain the spread of and help those infected with COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Stay in the know on-the-go: Join Yahoo Singapore's Telegram channel at, Most Singaporeans neutral or positive about foreigners in the country: Reach poll, Married parents to get $3,000 grant for each baby born from 1 Oct to 30 Sep 2022: Indranee, ERP rates at 6 CTE gantries to rise by $1 from next Monday: LTA, PAP reform will benefit both party and Singapore, say academics in new book, Orchard Towers death: Natalie Siow gets 5 months' jail, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump moved their kids to a new school after parents complained about the couple not following coronavirus protocols, report says, Red states now legalizing recreational marijuana too, To help economy, bank proposes tax on working from home, Few legal wins so far as Trump team hunts for proof of fraud, Every Senior In United States Urged To Wear This $49 SmartWatch, Two 'Critically Endangered' Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkeys Born at Michigan Zoo, Trump is reportedly 'very aware' he lost the election but is putting up a fight as 'theater', Man’s 'horrific act' before fleeing restaurant in Porsche, Ex-Trump Org Exec Warns What Comes Next: ‘If All Else Fails, He’ll Burn Down The House’, 'What a Load!' The MOH said persons who visited the Don Don Donki outlet at 100AM on 17 May from 1240pm to 2pm, Mayflower Market and Food Centre on 19 May from 1045am to 1115am, the Don Don Donki outlet at JEM on 24 May from 930pm to 1020pm, FairPrice Finest at Junction 8 on 26 May from 1005am to 1035am, Food Junction at Junction 8 on 27 May from 1130am to 12pm, NTUC FairPrice at 414 Yishun Ring Road on 28 May from 1pm to 130pm, and Giant at 418 Yishun Avenue 11 on 28 May from 130pm to 2pm should monitor their health closely for 14 days from their date of visit. We have decided to keep our Donkey Bikes available mainly for those who still have to go to work – our healthcare and social workers, employees of essential services and everyone who is keeping our cities running – and are dependent on bicycles right now. If you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can do even better, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. The National Environment Agency will engage the management of affected premises to provide guidance on cleaning and disinfection,” the ministry added. Alternatively, you can sing Backstreet Boys songs, or this song while you wash your hands too. Your email address will not be published. If you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can do even better, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. DON DON DONKI City Square Mall ADDRESS 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, #B2 05/18, Singapore 208539 PHONE NUMBER +65 6634 1711 BUSINESS HOURS 09:00-24:00 Daily. Budapest, Cities 4 People – Kérdőív a megosztáson alapuló m... General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Wear gloves. Koala Mom Crosses Road With Two Joeys on Her Back in Victoria, $68 million: Melania’s huge settlement if she decides to divorce Trump, 'Borat 2' actress Maria Bakalova breaks silence on infamous Rudy Giuliani scene: 'Movies like this are showing people's true colors', COVID-19 in Canada: 'Alarming' projection of virus shows Ontario on track to 'worsen', could see 6,500 cases daily by end of year. Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes and mouth with your hands. If you need help with keeping time, one of our developers has put together a singalong guide (see at the bottom of this post) to get the recommended 20-40 seconds under the tap. If you keep to the hygienic regulations and recommendations then it is one of the safest forms of transportation: Both the Danish government and the German Health Minister have recommended cycling as a lower-risk mode of transport to get to necessary appointments so our operations will continue running as usual. SINGAPORE — Square 2 @ Novena, Far East Plaza and Ngee Ann City were added to a list of public places that had been visited by Covid-19 cases during their infectious period. They will be giving handle-bars of Donkey Bikes a good wipe down while they are out on the streets, to make cycling during the coronavirus lockdown a safe option. The other places visited by COVID-19 cases, as previously announced by the MOH, were NTUC Fairprice outlet at Taman Jurong Shopping Centre, the FairPrice Xtra outlet, NTUC Fairprice outlet and the Japanese Food Street at Jurong Point, Block 505 market and food centre at Jurong West, Fairprice Finest at Bukit Panjang Plaza, NTUC Fairprice at Hillion Mall, and the wet market at Block 963 Jurong West Street 91. As with every redesign of our bicycles, our goal was... As the leaves turn into beautiful warm colours this autumn, our friends at Green Bike Tours are keen to show... A budapesti, Városok az emberekért projekt 2019 májusában indult a Gellért téri Mobilitási Pont kialakításával. Don't get 'casual' about COVID, Ontario's top doctor warns amid resort outbreak 2020-08-13 Canada preparing for possibility of ‘some disruptions’ if U.S. election results unclear Wash your hands with soap before and after cycling (disinfectant also works on the go). Avoid handshakes and hugs. Square 2 @ Novena's Don Don Donki outlet was visited on 1 October from 5.55pm to 6.25pm while Merchant Court’s Kushikatsu Tanaka restaurant in River Valley was visited on 28 September from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. , as many times as you think is appropriate. We will monitor the situation closely and keep all our riders updated. We... have recommended cycling as a lower-risk mode of transport to get to necessary appointments so our operations will continue running as usual. Use sanitizer to clean your hands after using your phone. Keep your gloves on while you cycle, while you use your keys, while you open doors, when you pay and when you hold your phone. Ask if you can help them with their shopping, cooking, etc. As a precautionary measure, visitors who had been at these locations during the specified timings should monitor their health closely for 14 days from their date of visit, it added. Ngee Ann City's Takashimaya department store and Far East Plaza's Joeun Salon were visited on 29 September from 6.05pm to 6.40pm and 4 October from 2.55pm to 4pm, respectively. Clean your phone screen and the back of your phone every day with disinfectant wipes, as many times as you think is appropriate. Required fields are marked *, Cycling during Coronavirus/COVID-19 lockdown. Phones carry a lot of nasty bacteria and coronavirus can sit on them for up to 9 days. We respect their decision and their concerns are something Donkey Republic also shares. GoogleMap View. Barcelona: we are aware that the local bike-share Bicing has closed down their operations. Take a look and work these into your everydays, whether you are cycling, scooting, driving a car, walking and even if you stay at home most of the time: Use soap and wash your hands and wrists for a minimum of 20 seconds. Japanese discount chain Don Don Donki is set to double its number of Hong Kong outlets to six by early 2021, bucking the trend of a retail industry in decline during the coronavirus pandemic In Denmark, our HQ is adhering to the suggestions of the government. The MOH reported 506 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore as of Saturday noon, bringing the total to 34,366. Take similar action with objects you touch often. SINGAPORE — Seven more public places visited by confirmed COVID-19 cases including two Don Don Donki outlets and several supermarkets were listed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (30 May). Wash your hands before putting on your gloves and similarly, wash your hands after taking them off. The latest addition to our Donkey herd is here! We are also arming our Shepherds network-wide with gloves and sanitisers. If you don’t see your city on this list it means that we are doing our best to run operations as usual, to make sure that essential travel is done as safely as possible during this highly infectious period.

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