He slammed the mug on the table and stood, crossing the distance between them in two long strides. This angle, therefore, divided by the magnifying power of the telescope gives the real angular distance of the centres of a double star. She paused a short distance from him, sensing something wrong. Rostov threw his cloak over his shoulders, shouted to Lavrushka to follow with the things, and--now slipping in the mud, now splashing right through it--set off with Ilyin in the lessening rain and the darkness that was occasionally rent by distant lightning. It is a simple line graph that denotes distance versus time findings on the graph. Gabriel crossed to the window and stared at where the dark ocean and night sky met in the distance. A small tent was erected a short distance from them. He'd wanted her, but he kept his distance. distant from the centre, command all the great roads, while the hilly ground to the west is protected by Fort Hauteville to the N.W.

He thus became an independent authority, no longer at the command of distant superiors.

She ducked under the water and swam a short distance before surfacing to make sure she wasn't close to any rocks. In the distance a hound bayed – something she had only heard in movies. Let the stranger play guardian angel - as long as he kept his distance.

The shops are within walking distance of several areas of retirement housing, many of whose residents now use motorised wheelchairs. Bibilical history ends with the triumph of the Judaean community, the true " Israel," the right to which title is found in the distant past. They will come regularly every evening to particular trees, where the cunning sportsman lies in wait for them, and the distant orchards next the woods suffer thus not a little. Fayetteville is long distance, but I'll be glad to pay you for the call as soon as I get my things. 393 people chose this as the best definition of distance: A depiction of a such a p... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Distance in a sentence Definition of Distance (transitive) To move away (from) someone or something. distant, and on the Churubusco river, 16 m. distant from the city it once surrounded.
The route more than dou­bled the distance, but Dean needed little incentive for a drive in the country.

The sun pushed aside the shadows as it emerged from the depths of the distant sea until it sat on the horizon, casting long shadows and brilliant bars of light into the walled city. Now only the commanders of detachments with staffs, and moving according to rules at a distance from the French, still regarded many things as impossible. 354. In the distance, over the walls, he saw the flaming arrows streaking in both directions. An endeavour is made so to plan the works of a railway that the quantity of earth excavated in cuttings shall be equal to the quantity required for the embankments; but this is not always practicable, and it is sometimes advantageous to obtain the earth from some source close to the embankment rather than incur the expense of hauling it from a distant cutting. Social distancing or physical distancing is used as a noun and not a verb. Hearing the heartbreak in her voice, Jule found his resolve to keep his distance melt. Many of the sentences have audio, too.

Marconi, however, made the important discovery that if his sensitive tube or coherer had one terminal attached to a metal plate lying on the earth, or buried in it, and the other to an insulated plate elevated at a height above the ground, it could detect the presence of very feeble electric waves of a certain kind originating at a great distance.

Wherever the ship may go, the rush of water which neither directs nor increases its movement foams ahead of it, and at a distance seems to us not merely to move of itself but to govern the ship's movement also.

Taran grabbed her wrist and dragged her a short distance away from the party. The wolf crouched, gnashed her teeth, and again rose and bounded forward, followed at the distance of a couple of feet by all the borzois, who did not get any closer to her. Somewhere in the distance a meadowlark began its melodic whistle, and a hen sang industriously up by the house.

This is starkly different than if violence breaks out in a distant, unreal place where the only flow of information is from official sources. Output : 2. Yahweh ceased to be exclusively regarded as god of the atmosphere, worshipped in a distant mountain, Horeb-Sinai, situated in the south country (negebh),and moving in the clouds of heaven before the Israelites in the desert, but he came to be associated with Israel's life in Canaan. At the meeting of parliament on the 8th of January 1674, he carried a motion for a proclamation banishing Catholics to a distance of 10 m. Artisans came from a great distance to view and honour the image of the popular writer whose best efforts had been dedicated to the cause and the sufferings of the workers of the world; and literary men of all opinions gathered round the grave of one of their brethren whose writings were at once the delight of every boy and the instruction of every man who read them.

Although there are patches of marsh - generally the swampy bottoms of valleys - the whole surface of Liberia inclines to be hilly or even mountainous at a short distance inland from the coast. "Killed?"

So he carried the lantern back for quite a distance, while Dorothy and the Wizard followed at his side. In the Frederiks Park is a pump-room supplied with a powerful chalybeate water from a spring, the Wilhelminabron, in the Haarlemmer Polder not far distant, and in connexion with this there is an orthopaedic institution adjoining. Dean asked, his curiosity overcoming his desire to distance himself from this woman who was making him increasingly uncomfortable.

Extraordinary care has evidently been bestowed in adjusting the parallelism and distance of the planes and A, so that the movable wires shall almost, but not quite, touch the surface T. The means for changing the length of the tube and the distance of C from the scale are omitted in the figure. "You can manage battles from a distance," Tim replied. : It is a short stroll from the town centre and is within walking distance of the Dart station. I also went on board a Viking ship which lay a short distance from the little craft. Others had done a kindred work in a more distant field as helpers of the Eastern emperors against the Turks of Asia. Hilden took her arm quickly and led her a short distance away into a darkened alley.

The brothers were standing beside each other a short distance away. On this occasion the distant forts La Miotte and La Justice fired with effect at a range of 4700 yds., affording a conspicuous illustration of the changed conditions of siege-craft.
When the target is completely concealed it is necessary to lay the gun on an aiming point more or less out of the line of fire, or to lay on a " director " with a large amount of deflection, and to align aiming posts with the sights at zero to give the direction of the target, and afterwards perhaps to transfer the line of sight to some other distant object, all of which require a far greater scope of deflection than is afforded by the deflection leaf. The adobe structure was guarded by several more Guardians, none of whom looked like Damian from the distance. Shut off from the adjacent Indian Ocean by its mountain barrier, the drainage of the country is westward to the distant Atlantic.

The difference between the two readings of S is then twice the distance between A and B.

They are called the lower or nearer, and the higher or more distant apsides respectively. Dean knew he was being foolish beyond any measure of reason to venture even the short distance that would allow him to see beyond the overhang. This " principle of aviticity " (osiseg, aviticum), which survived till 1848, was intended to preserve the large feudal estates as part of the new military system, but its ultimate effect was to hamper the development of the country by preventing the alienation, and therefore the mortgaging of lands, so long as any, however distant, scion of the original owning family survived.'.

Hence, however carefully a compass may be placed and subsequently compensated, the mariner has no safety without constantly observing the bearings of the sun, stars or distant terrestrial objects, to ascertain its deviation. The earth in the kitchen garden looked wet and black and glistened like poppy seed and at a short distance merged into the dull, moist veil of mist. Settlement on the south-western coast began about 688 B.C.

The document is entitled "Secrett Inventionis, proffitabill and necessary in theis dayes for defence of this Iland, and withstanding of strangers, enemies of God's truth and religion," a and the inventions consist of (1) a mirror for burning the enemies' ships at any distance, (2) a piece of artillery destroying everything round an arc of a circle, and (3) a round metal chariot, so constructed that its occupants could move it rapidly and easily, while firing out through small holes in it.

As she peered through the soft gray light not a house of any sort was visible near the station, nor was any person in sight; but after a while the child discovered a horse and buggy standing near a group of trees a short distance away. A ray of light from a lamp is thrown on the mirror, whence it is reflected upon a white surface or scale set at a distance of about 3 ft., forming a bright spot on the surface; the slightest angular deflexion of the mirror, owing to its distance from the scale, moves the spot of light a very appreciable distance to the right or left according to the direction of the angular movement. In the distance, she heard the sounds of both fighting and pursuit.

distant is the State Industrial School for Boys. 938.)

and she pointed eagerly at the crack in the distant roof. Memon ignored him and closed the distance between him and Rissa, snatching her. Wynn stretched across the distance to grasp it as it started to slide from her hands. He froze at the distant voice in his head. So, also, every one who has waded about the shores of the pond in summer must have perceived how much warmer the water is close to the shore, where only three or four inches deep, than a little distance out, and on the surface where it is deep, than near the bottom. It was getting more difficult to keep his distance from his mate, and he hated knowing he'd have to hurt her emotionally to prevent the tumor from growing too fast. The general equation to a circle in this system of co-ordinates is deduced as follows: If p be the radius and 1p+mg+nr=o the centre, we have p= (lpl+mgi+nri)/(l+m+n), in which i, q i, r i is a line distant p from the point 1p+mq+nr= o. The embassy threw out a hint, - their lord was dead and David himself had been anointed king over Judah; but the relation between Jabesh-Gilead and Saul had been a close one, and it was not to be expected that its eyes would be turned upon the king of Judah when Saul's son was installed at the not distant Mahanaim. go the distance phrase. But, to this number must be added 284,787 foreigners who in that year were shipped from German ports (notably Hamburg and Bremen) to distant parts. The foursome rode the gondola the short distance down from the parking area to the central village complex, with Donnie looking down, wide-eyed from the swinging car.

They spare neither pains nor money in acquiring specimens, even from distant lands, to which they often send out expert collectors at their own expense. How to use striking distance in a sentence.

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