(Sentence 5): "In a later interview after Khanna's death, she reflected back positively on her marriage, referring to it as her "biggest high". Be Proactive. There is a dutiful enumeration of her films, which on account of her having made over 90, constitutes the bulk of the article. Now that we have known about Dimple Kapadia daughter, Dimple Kapadia husband, we should take time to learn these facts about actress Dimple Kapadia. = Kapadia's portrayal of career-woman Sandhya earned her the Best Actress (Hindi) of the year award by the Bengal Film Journalists' Association. Although reports were rife that he got married to her only for attention, their ceremony was still held with the participation of many Bollywood bigwigs. Ref 25 you claim "number of exhibitions across India". And when she emerged nymph-like from the pool in a red bikini, Dimple, despite her puppy fat, had teenagers enthralled. Ref 167 You say " Tum Milo Toh Sahi, released the same year, was a romantic comedy in which she starred as Delshad Nanji, a Parsi woman in charge of an Irani café, who falls in love with a man played by Nana Patekar. Kidding aside, it looks in good shape overall and to be fair it's balanced out as you say. Ref 121 - done - you're right about the source - I added the right source a few days ago and forgot to remove this one. In 1987, she played the role of Pooja in Mahesh Bhatt's drama Kaash. The storyline follows Bobby and Raj, their falling in love, their parents disapproving, their ... Kapadia, who called herself "film crazy", aspired to be an actress even as a child. Done - it's in the next source! |Nov 12, 2020, 10:04. For this part, (a past rape victim who now tries to persuade an alcoholic and unemployed village man to be a champion of justice for those around him), it should just be "a rape victim". Your Fiat analysis is one of many irrelevant points. It's not compulsory of course, but given that there's been some issues with verifying everything, I think it would be a stronger article. [46] " I would delete all that and if it's a short appearance in a critical failure wouldn't mention it.† Encyclopædius 17:16, 14 May 2020 (UTC). Reactions from netizens are sarcastic. Over a Dozen Indian American Candidates Win State Legislature Seats Across U.S. Farrah Khan Wins Irvine Mayoral Seat as Indian Americans Have Mixed Results Throughout California Local Races, ‘This is Our Moment!’ Indian American Kamala Harris Elected as U.S.’s First Female Vice President, Harvard Indian American Professor Atul Gawande Named to President-elect Biden's Coronavirus Task Force Co-chaired by Vivek Murthy, Prime Minister Modi Congratulates Joe Biden on ‘Spectacular Victory’ as World Leaders Felicitate Biden-Harris Win, Indian Govt. "Bombay, Bombay State, India (present-day Mumbai, Maharashtra)" in the infobox is needlessly complicated. I suggest checking to see if they really need linking the second (or third) time. It is a tribute to her as an actress. "Unfavorable views of DK are largely avoided" - is a, The relationship with her husband - according to me very important - if you did read the article you would see that often times critics cite her relationship with her husband as the possible reason for her convincing performances in, p. 1: Your assertion that the first source supports only the fact that she was a leading star in "commercial" Hindi cinema is first in violation of, p. 2-4: And again, most of your text is about the same thing which is the only reason for your oppose: her parents' Islamic religion and your mantra of 'remove the Hinduism part because I don't like it and it makes no sense to me' and so on - sorry but no, only reliable sources will be followed, and not your opinions on what is, p. 5: As said above, this comment just required. When barely a month old, Dimple was given the name Ameena (literally, "honest" or "trustworthy" in Arabic) by Aga Khan III, although she was never referred to by it. Can you find a source directly saying she returned? I used an automatic tool across the board. "She was reported " when was this reported relationship supposed to have happened? Read more details below! Let us know what's going on! "She was discovered at age 16 by Raj Kapoor, who cast her in the title role of his teen romance Bobby (1973), to critical and commercial success.". MOS allows either option. The girl, Bobby, is from a working-class Christian family. Rinke Khanna made her debut in 1999 with Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi. Why does it matter when they moved to another house? Important as a BLP to avoid that. “I’ve learned to ride a horse and a bike, I’ve been swimming, and I trained in martial arts for six months in Bangkok,” informed Karan Kapadia in a media release, who also learned acting at the Jeff Goldberg Studio. I will however now not be commenting further in this article, unless I am requested to do so by the FAC coordinators. I do no think the link is necessary here: (emerging as the most popular film. We used to stay in Santa Cruz in Bombay" [9]). "In 1984 she had a role opposite Sunny Deol in Manzil Manzil, a drama directed by Nasir Hussain, before starring in Mukul Anand's Aitbaar (1985), a Hitchcockian thriller in which her role as Neha, a wealthy young woman whose greedy husband (played by Raj Babbar) plots to murder her, received positive reviews. Dhanteras is around the corner and people start considering what to buy on Dhanteras 2020 to get the best luck. He happened to know Dimple Kapadia in her debut movie Bobby. steamy love scene" - if it was just a kiss, hardly "steamy", and the shower scene in the Specialist, just "love scene" will do. The only partly relevant points: her residence in Santa Cruz was addressed (just required moving one citation but you dedicated whole unnecessary quotes to it), so was the part about her marriage experience, which was elaborated on (required adding two words) and information about film offers as a child. Her birthdate and awards should be included and cited in the body of the article so citations for them in the lead are not necessary. What he's been doing here is not reviewing, but rather imposing his own POV, and then, just nitpicking. I will appreciate and be more than happy to address your comments. Don't Threaten. Goa Later, they were bailed out. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Graham, Aoba - support this article, does your view count more than theirs? Left to right: Dimple Kapadia, her nephew Karan Kapadia (son of Simple Kapadia) and Twinkle Khanna. They went down the aisle on January 17, 2001, and she mostly stepped down from acting since then. I wish I knew why. Maybe we should not say "the marriage" but other than that I see no problem including it. here: (Kapadia is the eldest of the four children of. I knew it all. He even posted a threat that based on the absence of religion in her background, he shall oppose. Where do you see father's wealth and privileged upbringing? - awkward, do you mean "Kapadia's screen image has been synonymous with her perceived beauty and sex appeal?". Ref 79 - watch paraphrasing with "urban couple from an intellectual milieu in Mumbai ", Check refs 50 and 51 verify all of "She was paired up with Sunny Deol for a second time in Arjun, an action film directed by Rahul Rawail and scripted by Javed Akhtar. We'd love to hear eyewitness DNA India I have nothing against you, but the article needs much more work and it cannot be done within the purview of this FAC review. Dimple Kapadia, Tilottama Shom, Ranvir Shorey, Kiku Sharda, etc. An article on a film actress, who has never identified by a religion, has become the subject of one ongoing, pointless and fruitless "debate" on her parents' religion. The word "past" does not make sense in this context. It does mention it actually - you need to go back and read the context - "Yet, she can be her own worst enemy. Check Its Release Date & Cast Here! Dimple Kapadia daughter, husband, affairs are all revealed here! p. 8-9;12: Empty point - Not sure what you want here.

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