Simple visuals make information easier to remember, so pick icons that will stick in your memory. This will be much appreciated by your new hire, who likely has a lot to keep track of! Here is a simple template that allows your audience to understand what you’re presenting in a breeze: People often like to learn about the history of people, places, and things that they’re interested in. Try using different color blocks for different types of tasks or appointments. This post was updated on September 13, 2018, to include different creative timeline examples and tie them more directly to project timeline creation tips. Consultants can use project timeline templates to keep a project on track, especially if there are multiple people involved (subcontractors, multiple stakeholders etc.). A hand-drawn US Revolutionary War timeline. They’re an easy way to show the client what steps are required to complete a project and how each step impacts the next. Me either, but thank heavens the Egyptians discovered it. Use icons to emphasize key steps in their journey. Timeline presentations are perfect for making information visually engaging. Take this timeline template that counts down New Year’s Eve facts.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and on Twitter @MNediger. Using a timeline template allows you to be much more organized: This weekly timeline template can be customized to make it hourly: Click “Week 1” and change it to “9 a.m.”, for example. (Easter Bunny Craft). Here is another example of a monthly timeline plan: Sometimes the key to creating business timelines that stick is the right orientation. company needs. Did I mention Targetprocess is one of those powerful data crunching tools? Get creative by moving events around the page and playing with different layouts. In some instances, I’ve cropped these timelines.
This construction timeline template uses color text boxes to neatly organize its project milestones by month: Pro Tip: Consultants can use project timeline templates to keep a project on track, especially if there are multiple people involved (subcontractors, multiple stakeholders etc.). I’ll be honest: I’m a sucker for good visualizations.

This project management timeline template uses red and blue to differentiate different activities: In the project timeline template below, weeks are color-coded to show you what task is planned for when: What if you’re a manager trying to organize your teams to deliver multiple projects over a period of time? You can also see how lifespans shortened dramatically (according to the Bible) sometime after the great biblical flood.

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