Palette 1: Coral Forest.

Navy and Coral color palette created by claybuck that consists #3e5172,#f9b49b,#9fb6c3,#f9e9de,#cc6c5c colors. Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments. A balmy palette full of vivacious greenery and earthy browns sets the mood for a room designed for pure relaxation. Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020. For eye-catching decor that lifts spirits, go with hot pink and lime green.
© 1999–2020 Green is the color of balance, harmony and vitality. Living Coral (#FC766AFF) and Pacific Coast (#5B84B1FF). Coral in an Ocean-Themed Color Scheme. By inverting the use of white and using it as an accent color, you make way for splashing your walls with an adventurous color that can’t be ignored. Painting your walls in a glowing orange creates a vibrant atmosphere ideal for accessorizing with refreshing plants and cozy pillows. Whether you’d like to create an earthy vibe or want to reinvigorate your decor, the many shades of green offer different creative paths to explore. From uplifting emerald green to flourishing yellow-green, there are a variety of inspirational palettes to consider for your home. 10 Stylish Green Color Combinations and Photos, 58 DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home, Best Back To School Supplies List For 2020, 30+ Family Photo Wall Ideas to Bring Your Photos to Life. Grey and coral are a fantastic color scheme, soft and calm, suitable for any modern, contemporary, eclectic, vintage interior and also for beach houses. Note: English language names are approximate equivalents of the hexadecimal color … Shutterfly, Inc. All rights reserved. If this sounds like the type of atmosphere you’d like to walk into, look no further! Brown and hazelnut do just that with their inherent warmth, while a zesty yellow-green is reminiscent of abundance and new growth. A lush color like fern green combined with a pale orange and gray will transform the space into a relaxing escape. Find a color scheme that fits you style, from modern to classic. If this sounds like the type of atmosphere you’d like to walk into, look no further! With a palette in mind, browse our home decor to find complementary accents that complete the look. The key is to select a soft blue and green for details that you can emphasize throughout the room. You can follow on Instagram and Pinterest. And when you throw in colors known for providing balance and calmness, you get the perfect trifecta! Who doesn’t love a few funky accents and wild patterns? It’s great for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and even home offices, grey and coral are contrasting yet very relaxing, especially if you add beach accessories to the interior. If you’re working with a small space, not to worry. The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral. Not only is it unexpected, but it creates an unconventional vibe giving you the freedom to play with different prints and textures. An ocean- or beach-themed color scheme includes a pleasing mix of neutral, warm and cool colors. The room is completed with patterned coral wallpaper. This color combination was created by user Sophia.The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below. The two contrasting colors balance out the room while pairing well with neutrals. Sometimes you just can’t say no to a loud and festive color scheme! A plush lavender chair with coral trim complements the white and coral ottoman, while the crib bedding coordinates with the graphic curtains. Bronze and olive capture these sentiments while pairing nicely with antiques and classic furniture. White is the color of wholeness and completion. There’s no greater way to create a peaceful and homey atmosphere than by bringing nature into your decor. Take the traditional kitchen and turn it on its head with a green color palette that is edgy yet modest. Keep your vintage decor fresh with colors that evoke emotion and take you back to a time reflective of your ageless collection. Vibrant corals are offset beautifully by calm, natural tones of olive and forest green. If you don’t know where to begin, browse the ten green color schemes we’ve gathered. Color combinations with green that remind you of sunshine are perfect for a light and airy room that catches tons of natural sunlight. Visit their Website. This foliage-based green is a nice complementary color that breathes life into a room. Source: Laura Clark PhotographyBack To Top. Bring harmony to your space with these 10 green color combinations. The Coral Orange Color Scheme palette has 6 colors which are Dark Coral (#CB5B44), Coral (#FF7F4A), Atomic Tangerine (#FA965C), Light Orange (#FFD8B2), Mountain Meadow (#35C692) and Green (Crayola) (#1BB379).. To achieve this look, combine evergreen with a spirited color like orange for a room full of vibrant personality. Bright and colorful, this nursery features a coral, lavender and white color palette. The different design styles that include farmhouse, mid-century modern and traditional, will inspire you with new ideas for this revitalizing color. It’s a lively, nourishing color that has a youthful flavor to it. From plush couches to vibrant accent walls, your home will remind you of the great outdoors with its refreshing connection to nature. If modern and eclectic is your style, go for a pink and green color scheme.

These two fun colors create a stimulating atmosphere that will make a creative spirit will feel right at home.

Here, discover three stylish color palettes to make the most of coral in your designs. Green is the color of balance, harmony and vitality. Alongside green, coral can be used to create a supremely comforting, nature-inspired palette that works beautifully for interior schemes. When combined with the refreshing blue of the Pacific Coast, it evokes images of the ocean floor and a vibrant seabed filled with coral. Discover thoughtful gifts, creative ideas and endless inspiration to create meaningful memories with family and friends. For a harmonious green palette that shifts with the changing seasons, you need a solid neutral that links them together.

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