Plus, blueberry, lemon, and gin are a match made in heaven! Peruvian aguadito – quinoa, chicken & coriander soup ». Strain the cocktail into two rocks glasses filled with ice. This (called a dry shake) will cause the egg white to foam up more but it’s not essential. x, Definitely – lets put something in the diary, Everything you do looks so beautiful! The Blueberry Alias cocktail is made from Stoli Blueberi blueberry vodka, blueberry syrup and lime juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. Heat water, sugar, blueberries together to a boil. If you want a really smooth cocktail, strain the muddled blueberries and extract the juice before adding to your shaker. Beautiful! The pictures, the colours, the sound of that gin – is it strange that i was drawn to this at 9.19am?!! 48,590 suggested recipes. Shake your cocktail with plenty of ice first. If you have shaken without ice now is the time to add plenty of ice and shake again to chill your drink. Blueberry and Soda The Blueberry and Soda is a clear colored drink recipe made from Burnett's blueberry vodka and club soda, and served over ice in a rocks glass. There were a few leftover blueberries and in a fit of ‘waste not, want not’ I decided I would use them up in a cocktail. blueberries, lime sparkling water, gin, ice, lime juice, blueberries and 3 more. lime wedges, large strawberries, raspberries, white rum, GT’s Gingerberry kombucha and 4 more. More Blueberry Recipes from Spinach Tiger, Modish Taste | How to Make a Blueberry Old Fashioned Cocktail. This gorgeous Blueberry Gin Sour is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Gin lover? Blueberry is not very common in drinks, which makes it … Frustrated with the mess in the house (epic), the lack of proper kitchen (currently inevitable), the gloomy days and lack of decent light which makes blog photography very hard…. this looks & sounds soooo good! Blueberry Martini. Decorate with a slice of lemon peel. Beautiful. Make any final adjustments: do you need to add more lemon juice? I employed some of your techniques on the cocktail photos : ), Your email address will not be published. Sour cocktails are just the best. Strain the cocktail and discard the ice. Step 4. I am feeling so thirsty now but the sun's not yet over the yard arm. It was originally made simply with gin and lime juice. Beautiful photography as usual and thank you for your kind words. If you want a really smooth cocktail then strain the pulp first and use the juice only in the cocktail… I know that I should somehow suck it up and get through this but, honestly, I felt a severe lack of blogging mojo this week. Must have coffee soon?! READ MORE. If you aren’t familiar with her blog do yourselves a favour and check it out – she is one very talented last. Muddle the blueberries, lemon juice and sugar (or sugar syrup). Step 2. That was a fun night! Lucy, your styling/photography continues to inspire me. Look at that bright gorgeous fuchsia color! Which reminds me must get some Pisco… I really mean it when I say seeing you made me feel more inspired. Post a photo on my Facebook page, share it on Instagram, or save it to Pinterest with the tag #supergoldenbakes and make my day! Real eggs all the way, Good ol' Ikea is the source of the glases : ). Blueberries give a wonderful color, but they also taste very well. Using a fresh egg white, as opposed to pasteurised egg white from a carton, will also create a better foam. xxx, I love sour cocktails – so easy and just completely addictive. Thanks Gemma… I am definitely riding a new learning curve when it comes to blog photography. Be careful as the egg white will expand and your shaker might leak. It's adjusting to the winter light and my very limited space I am using currently. We must have some sort of connection after all! Step 3. Drinks & cocktails with Blueberry. Top blueberry-juice-cocktail recipes just for you Explore more recipes . I think I need to step back and feel inspired again and meeting up with fellow food blogger Julia (of Vikalinka) this week and sharing our frustrations helped enormously. It is … If you are looking for easy sweet and savoury recipes that are packed with flavour you have come to the right place!

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