The “how” in this case is “How many people will you be playing with?”. Hunter.

This is a popular combo already, and one of the most notorious on the list. Void Elf - Mage, Warlock or Priest ALLIANCE. Consider how you would feel playing a certain race before choosing. They get a free epic mount, their own place to hang out, and their own flying mounts. Pandaren Demon Hunters are the most lore-friendly race/class combination. World of Warcraft character creation is an art - and these are some of the best combos players can choose. Alliance. Draenei: Priest or Paladin Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. Best race/class combos according to lore. Pandaren are best known for being monks, but I think shaman would be a very good choice, as well. Unlike the other April Fool's joke on this list, this is an impossible Classic class race combination that became a reality after the Cataclysm expansion. Because there are already a number of people who play the game alone, large portions of World of Warcraft are designed around people playing solo. About Us It’s minor really, but it will be nice if I could keep them. I agree. Dwarf Paladin/Hunter/Shaman. Gnome - Mage or Warlock Experienced players can debate all day (and they do) about which classes are the easiest to play, hardest to play, strongest, weakest, over-powered, under-powered—you get the idea. One more question though. (Originally started in Coldridge Valley with the Dwarves). I got my own thoughts on this matter but would like everyone’s input if possible since choosing a character and leveling to max level is a commitment. Human - Warrior, Mage, Paladin or Priest For your first character, you have ten class choices: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock. The trick is, you cannot duplicate classes or race. Nightborne: Mage or Priest xD. Draenei are best known for being pious followers of the Naaru and hate demons; a holy class (paladin or priest) would likely be most fitting, and most notable draenei NPCs are paladins. Melee combat is louder (with the combat noises like clanging weapons) and is generally more chaotic than what ranged classes experience. Oh wow! Dark Iron Dwarf: Mage or Shaman Also, I advocate for Worgen Druid and Draenei Priest (personally). Man its hard to say because a lot of classes are watered down from what they use to be.

Need I say more? (These days I wonder if Undead Hunters are rarer). what about others? Troll (Horde): Start in Valley of Trials (except in Cataclysm, where they start in Echo Isles). Above is the guide for World of Warcraft race and class, and hope some tips can help you. Thank you for taking your time! But what is wrong about Tauren Paladins or Orc Mages is the cultural identity of those race. Delivery Times Dark Iron, Anything they can be since they are really awesome and OP (the Mole Machine is about the best general use racial, if that character will be questing/collecting. Thanks everyone.

There are eleven available classes in the game, but not all classes are available to every race. Humans are a very flexible race so any class would be good. Worgen - Druid (Animalseption) Granted, I don’t think I’ve seen any blue posts about this in about 10 years, but it was the rarest of the rare at some point in time. Extra points to Agility. I am playing the alliance at the moment but also interested in the horde characters as well. They’ve got some mail sets that work really well with their ‘natural’ color palette. One of... 8 … Well, if we consider that we, as players, are champions of faction and race - we cant be that footman or grunt.

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