15 Best AAA Flashlights for EDC in 2020 - Even in a time when you can carry tiny, rechargeable keychain flashlights and powerful AA flashlig. The weight of the flashlight can affect your handling and convenience of carrying that flashlight. It measures less than 3 inches and weighs only 51 grams with the battery! Therefore, better to understand it now and choose wisely. Other than that, the flashlight, with its soft beam of 60 meters, is comfortable enough for everyday use. You don’t need to have a separate charger for the batteries or connect to them directly. A compact flashlight is best if you want to store the flashlight in a purse, backpack, glove compartment, or other small location. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the E18R. This EDC flashlight is an excellent choice for people who are interested in disaster preparedness. If you are looking for a cheap flashlight for EDC, one of your best options are the ones that use single AA batteries. We would consider it one of the top EDC flashlights available on the market today. Most of the flashlight either use one of these two or have the capability of supporting both. This accessory is small and can be easily misplaced. This ThorFire flashlight can be powered through either a rechargeable 14500 battery or any common AA battery. EDC flashlights are more compact and portable that your traditional search and utility lights. Login . One of the best-looking edc lights on the market, the M2R from Olight is a badass addition to your daily loadout. This light would be the one you could always count on. The body is kind of small and could be hard to operate for those with big hands. The Flashlight has an aggressive body knurling for an enhanced grip. So where do you start? The knurling on the aircraft-grade aluminum body feels amazing and as high quality as any light on the market. A quick-release option allows you to easily use this whenever the situation demands a quick light source. The 3500 mAh battery is recharged with Olight’s signature magnetic charging cable which is very convenient and works with almost all of Olight’s flashlights. Although it’s not compatible with a Lithium-ion battery. Not only does it have a good output of 500 lumens, but it is also very safe to use for any general purpose. The best light ever for finding things that drop under your seat. If you prefer a more color-accurate high CRI LED module, it’s also available with a Nichia 219C module, which is less intense at 450 lumens max but won’t shift the color of items under illumination so you can use it for critical electronics work or outdoors exploration. LEO. It is solidly built and can withstand harsh conditions. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; We support operations by earning commissions when you purchase products we link. Moreover, the flashlight is even able to remember your light settings and automatically turn on that way only. Simply the best Nitecore edc flashlight. Weight: 4.4 ozLength: 5.2 inBody Material: Lightweight PolymerManufacturer In: ChinaStrobe: NoLowest Price: Check Now. Consequently, this means a 1000 lumens flashlight will be brighter than a 500 lumens flashlight. This compact light from Fenix is a great backpack or glove box light and will be there whenever you need it. Especially when you’re in a profession where you have to use a flashlight often or travel through rough terrain. Furthermore, the Olight S2 can be powered through either a 18650 battery or two lithium batteries. Surefire has been around longer than anyone else on this list and has been making some of the hardest use flashlights for decades. Buttons are tactile and felt by the hand quickly. The M2R Warrior from Olight is one of their most high quality and popular lights. You can charge these kinds of batteries, but a specific charger must be with you all the time which defeats the purpose of an EDC flashlight. The high mode has a run time of more than an hour while the low mode has a run time of a couple of weeks. Despite the fact that it’s only 4.5 inches, this flashlight is one of the heavier ones in the market. An EDC flashlight enhances personal safety – One of the most compelling functions of the EDC flashlight is its ability to double as a first-class self-defense device. Usually, a flashlight that’s under five inches in length is best if portability is your main concern. As it is constructed from hard-anodized aluminum alloy, uses a mineral-coated scratch-resistant lens, and is water-resistant. In our article, we help you choose the best single AA flashlight for your EDC needs. Moreover, the EDC flashlight comes with reverse polarity protection that prevents damage from incorrect battery installation. You may choose traditional AAA or AA batteries. Which is quite impressive as compared to other small flashlights. This light is convenient, but not necessarily powerful. No weight, no hassle, and very convenient. This light was perfect when it was first created and it is still one of the best daily carry flashlights you can buy when its just attached to your keychain. This is probably the reason why it’s been made so efficient – to last longer when you’re outdoors and away from a power source. For a small everyday carry flashlight, 1000 lumens is a big deal. AA batteries are some of the most common you can find, either around your house or in an emergency situation, and this all-copper ReyLight flashlight takes only one to power the light. It can use either 18650 lithium ion rechargeable batteries or CR123A batteries. This is one of the smaller offerings within their main product line and really does shine. You can clip it anywhere hands-free. High 92+ CRI Nichia 219C 5000K led module. Some EDC Flashlights have a magnetic tail cap which makes it a hands-free Light source. A brilliant and penetrating 600 Lumen beam can light up any dark place with ease. The PD35 Tac EDC Flashlight from Fenix is a no frills, reliable, hard use flashlight for any environment. Although, the rechargeable battery needs to be charged for 5 hours for full charge. It features a unique quick-detach mechanism at the rear of the light which both lets you connect it to your keychain but also remove it at a moments notice. Distance. Moreover, this EDC tactical flashlight comes with the option of three modes: The flashlight can be powered through either a rechargeable 18650 battery or two CR123A lithium batteries. When you’ve got some high-quality EDC gear, you need s... Back in stock after selling out in the first week after it... EDCNinja is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. You can also use this while raining or submerged in the water as it has gasket seals and oil rings that prevent moisture and water from getting inside the Flashlight. Old Reliable. The Olight Warrior Mini was recently launched by one of the hottest up and coming flashlight brands Olight and it has a ton of useful features that make it our editor’s pick. If you’re looking for a copper LED flashlight that’s small and light enough to fit on your keychain, check out the RovyVon Aurora A9. It is one of the more popular pocket lights out today due to its feature set, durability, as well as the quality of construction throughout the light. Easily recharge the batteries at home or work. Carrying professional? We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. When you whip out the J5 tactical , you’ll be able to find the potential assailant and defend yourself at the same time. Even though this flashlight only supports one kind of battery, the run times are great. If you want a flashlight that has a powerful light but is also small, Olight S2 Cree XM-L2 is the one for you. The Beta QR from Prometheus Lights has been around for a few years now – and while it has not evolved much, it has not needed to. Related Gear:    Of all of the lights on this list, I have owned the Fenix PD35Tac for longer than any of them. Bags, Guides. It would help if you considered what you would use the Flashlight for your daily activities. Portability and ease of access to your EDC Flashlight are the main points in having this in your EDC collection. Otherwise, if you really do want the brightest flashlight out there, consider picking one from, Top 10 Brightest Headlamp Review in 2019 to Buy, 10 Best Tiny Flashlight for Daily Use: Buyer Guide & Reviews, Top 10 Best 18650 Flashlights 2019: Buying Guide & Reviews, Top 3 Best AAA Flashlights – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, Top 5 Best Keychain Flashlight of 2019: Reviewed. On top of that, the body is made of aluminum alloy and features a pocket clip with dual directions. Carrying the Olight I3T EOS is like carrying nothing at all. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Although if you’re specifically interested in smaller flashlights, consider some of. There are three Light modes available for this Flashlight for adapting to your needs. VIDEO | Nitecore TM15 Tiny Monster: Light Test. On the other hand, using an alkaline battery, turbo mode produces a maximum output of 220 lumens for 21 minutes. It can also keep your daily gear to a minimum as you don’t need an external charger. Furthermore, all its openings are o-ring sealed for improved protection. Although if you’re specifically interested in smaller flashlights, consider some of these. We’re glad you dig this post! The Cree XHP35 HI LED is capable of a blinding 1,800 lumens and a 300m distance. The knurling is comfortable and feels incredibly well machined. The ThorFire VG15S boasts an outstanding output of 1070 lumens, the highest in our list! The Olight S30R Baton III flashlight offers the most in terms of features. It measures less than 3 inches and weighs only 51 grams with the battery! It has a detachable clip which can be removed for more comfortable carrying. Quick Overview No one likes getting stuck in the dark. Pocket Clip – Carrying your EDC Flashlight should be easy and convenient. Moreover, this compact flashlight is among the lesser weighing flashlights at 50g. Now that you’ve seen the best flashlights, you must have shortlisted a few. Its compact enough to carry every day and powerful enough for special circumstances. This is your light. The pocket clip can be removed and it also has a loop for a small lanyard for paracord on the back if that’s your style. A striking bezel design is not only modern but can also be for your self-defense. The flashlight also features a smooth aluminum reflector and hardened glass lens which enhances the beam and light. Beam Distance: 600 FeetLumens: 1,500Charge Type: Magnetic Charging CableWaterproof Rating: IPX8Mode of Operation: Side/Tail SwitchForm Factor: Compact w Pocket Clip, Beam Distance: 446 FeetLumens: 750Battery Type: CR123AWaterproof Rating: IP68Mode of Operation: Side SwitchForm Factor: Compact w 1-way Pocket Clip, Beam Distance: 613 FeetLumens: 600Battery Type: 2x CR123AWaterproof Rating: IPX7Mode of Operation: Tail SwitchForm Factor: Mid Size, Beam Distance: 10 FeetLumens: 80Battery Type: 1x AAAWaterproof Rating: IPX8Mode of Operation: Twist SwitchForm Factor: Quick-release keychain, Beam Distance: 656 FeetLumens: 1,000Charge Type: USB Rechargeable or 2x CR123Waterproof Rating: IPX8Mode of Operation: Side/Tail SwitchForm Factor: Midsize w Pocket Clip, Beam Distance: 984 FeetLumens: 1,800Charge Type: Magnetic Charging CableWaterproof Rating: IPX8Mode of Operation: Side/Tail SwitchForm Factor: Midsize w Pocket Clip, Olight Warrior Mini Flashlight Full Specifications, Beam Distance: 600+ FeetLumens: 1,500Charge Type: Magnetic Charging CableWaterproof Rating: IPX8Mode of Operation: Side/Tail SwitchForm Factor: Compact w 2 way Pocket Clip, Weight: 3.7 ozLength: 4.19 inBody Material: Aircraft-grade AluminumManufacturer In: ChinaStrobe: YesLowest Price: Check Now. This light is likely overkill for someone just getting into carrying a flashlight. And despite the lower voltage design, you can still count on it to deliver a full 180 lumens of power out the front, and its solid copper body is attractive enough if you wish to make it your compact daily driver light. Think I am on year 10 anyway longer than others have survived. EDC Flashlights are handy tools that can help you in your daily activities.

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