Lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) doesn't normally reduce alkenes, but alkenes that are conjugated to nitro groups (nitroalkenes) are often reduced with LiAlH4. Reduction of an Alkyne to an Alkane In the presence of a metal catalyst such as Pd and Pt, two equivalent addition of H2 occurs reducing alkyne into the corresponding alkane. It is not possible to stop the reduction at equivalent addition and isolate the intermediate alkene: Overall, four new C-H bonds are formed via a syn addition to the alkene. These catalysts are: Palladium dispersed on carbon (Pd/C) and finely dispersed nickel (Raney-Ni). Alkynes can be fully hydrogenated into alkanes with the help of a platinum catalyst. This is a common procedure after nitroalkenes have been formed using Henry reactions. However, the use of two other catalysts can be used to hydrogenate alkynes to alkanes.

To convert an alkene to an alkane, you must break the double bond by adding hydrogen to an alkene in the presence of a nickel catalyst, at a temperature of around 302 degrees Fahrenheit or 150 degrees Celsius, a process known as hydrogenation. Alkanes can be prepared from a variety of organic compounds.These include alkenes, alkynes, haloalkanes, alcohols, aldehydes and ketones and carboxylic acids. The nitro group is reduced as well.

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