This Irish Gaelic name means ‘majestic’ or ‘esteemed’. The name Colt is often given in honour of Samuel Colt, the founder of a firearms company of the same name. Originally a surname made popular by singer, Johnny Cash. From the English surname which referred to someone who lived close to a dale. This name of Italian origin is a short-form of the name Lucus. In Hebrew, Levi means ‘joined’ or ‘attached’. This is a list of boy names that are short and have only 4 letters in them. Noah is originally a Hebrew name meaning ‘rest’. Originally from the French word for island (l’isle), Lyle stemmed from an English surname, brought to England by the Normans.

Eirc is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘always ruler’.

This is another biblical name which means ‘carried by God’.

This one syllable name is a shortened form of Mervyn, which originated from a Welsh king named Merfyn.

A name with a Scottish origin means ‘a narrow valley’. Nash is a very trendy one syllable name that originally stems from a middle English phrases meaning ‘at the ash tree’. It’s a Hebrew name which is becoming quite popular in this day and age.

It is an English name which stands for ‘nobleman’ and ‘chief’. It comes from the Old Norse for ‘rough, wet ground’. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This name finds its roots in the Bible, and means ‘Lord is my salvation’. Duke is a noble title in English aristocracy. A French name, originally stemming from the Germanic word for ‘yew’. French form of the name Lupus, meaning ‘wolf’. Abel is a Hebrew name meaning ‘breath’. Scot’s original meaning is “Gaelic speaker’ in Latin. © 2010-2020 They’re strong and straightforward. Some of the most beautiful names are the shortest. Prepare for Breastfeeding While Pregnant: 9 Must-Read Tips, 9 Genius Sleep Hacks for When You’re Pregnant and Can’t Sleep At Night, The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist with Printable PDF.

That is what our list of baby boy names is about. A nickname for the French name, Yves, originally stemming from the Germanic word for ‘yew’. Luca is a form of Lucas in Italian and Romanian. Shortened form of Joshua, meaning ‘God is salvation’. Ok, so without further ado, here’s the list of four letter boy names! Rudy is a shortened form of Rudolph, meaning ‘fame’ and ‘wolf’. Jove is originally derived from Jupiter, the Roman god of the sea. This is another popular Irish name which means ‘God’s gracious gift’.
Shortened form of Frederick, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. Originally a nickname in English meaning ‘three’. This name has a Hebrew origin, and means ‘appointed’ or ‘placed’. Leon originally comes from the Greek word for lion. Rory is the Anglicized form of Ruaidhri, an Irish name that means ‘red’. Todd stems from the Middle English word for fox. Learn how your comment data is processed. Happy name-hunting and good luck!

A variation of Dirk, meaning, a Scandinavian name meaning ‘ruler of the people’.

Saul is a cute boys name, meaning ‘asked for’, ‘prayed for’ in Hebrew. A nickname for Peter, which originated from the Greek word meaning ‘stone’. Other classic boys' names with four letters include Abel, Adam, Amos, Carl, Eric, Mark, and Paul. In the Bible, Abel was a son of Adam, who was murdered by his brother Cain. This one syllable boys name comes from a number of Scottish surnames, all beginning with Mac.

A nickname for William, meaning ‘will or desire’. AND you get a welcome box valued at $35!

This name of Turkish origin means ‘intelligent’ or ‘clever’. Don’t forget that Amazon now offers the ultimate baby registry! Are you looking for a short and sweet name for your new son?

An English surname which was a variant of Dean, or referred to someone from Denmark. It’s an Irish name which means ‘little king’. Trae: ( French) This name means “three” and is popular in several parts of the world. It’s a Hebrew name meaning ‘tree’ or ‘friendly’. This post contains affiliate links. Aada. Short names are often simple, with no muss or fuss. Ok, so without further ado, here’s the list of four letter boy names! Shortened form of Russell, meaning ‘little red one’ in French. Rich is a short form of Richard, which means ‘brave, power’. Shortened form of Douglas, which was originally a Scottish surname, meaning ‘black stream’ in Gaelic. Your name is your name. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. This German name is quite popular in today’s times. It’s an Arabic name which means a ‘king’ or ‘ruler’. Go ahead and select that perfect name for your child! Evan is the Anglicized form of Iefan, the Welsh name for John. Originally stemming from the Germanic, meaning ‘heart, spirit, mind’. Meaning ‘God is gracious’, two important figures in the New Testament are names John. This is the Danish form of Absalom, a Hebrew name which means ‘my father is peace. Igor is the Russian form of Yngvarr, which combines the name of the Germanic god, Yngvi and ‘arr’, which means warrior. Gene is a shortened form of Eugene, meaning ‘well born’. This name comes from the Irish surname Carey, which is the angliczed version of O Ciardha, meaning descendant of Ciardha. It comes from the Hebrew word meaning ‘load, or burden’. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. Abel. Irish form of John, meaning ‘God is gracious’. This name comes from the Hebrew word for ‘help’. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. A form of Cain, the spelling was used in the Greek Old Testament. Remy is the French form of Remigius, the Latin name meaning ‘oarsmen’ or ‘rower’. Toby: ( English) This 4 letter name means “novelty” and is where the Toby mugs just might have gotten their names. You can add all your favorite baby products, all on one list.

Short names have so many benefits. Adam. From the Old Norse, meaning ‘thunder’, Thor is the Norse god of stregnth, storms, thunder and war. Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision to make because that name will stay with him forever and will define his identity. The festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated two days after Diwali every year. We hope choosing a name for your little boy from this list would be fun for you as not only are they from diverse origins, but they also are pleasant sounding. Shortened form of Judas, popularized by the song, ‘Hey Jude’. Popular Baby Boy Names That Have Only 4 Letters, 100 Top Japanese Names for Your Baby Girl, This Traditional Method of Massaging a Baby Can Help in Holistic Growth and Development, How to Ensure Your Baby Massage Ritual Delivers the Maximum Benefits, Circumoral Cyanosis in Babies- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, Importance of Sensory Bins for Infants and Toddlers, 80 Surnames or Last Names That Start With ‘A’, Tips to Choose a Safe Bug Spray for Babies and Kids, Meal Ideas and Recipes for New Moms Who Just Had Their Baby, Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account – How Does It Help in Saving on Child Care, Gifting a Healthy Environment & Managing Relationships So Kids Can Learn From It, 35 Beautiful Bhai Dooj Wishes, Messages and Quotes, Diwali Essay for Kids – Tips to Write & Samples. Short for Nicholas, meaning ‘victory of the people’. It has a Hebrew origin and was the name of Adam and Eve’s son as per the Bible. Izzy can be a nickname for names like Isaac, Isaiah, or Isreal. The name should sound good, it should have a good meaning, and it should be simple and easy-to-pronounce, and the likes. Alec is a shortened form of Alexander, which means ‘defending men’. In the Bible, Abel was a son of Adam, who was murdered by his brother Cain.

A shortened form of Albert, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’. Shortened form of Andrew, meaning ‘warrior’. Ivan is an appealing 4-letter baby boy name which starts with ‘I’. An English name originally stemming from the name, Otto, meaning ‘wealth’. It is a Russian name which means ‘God is gracious’. An alternate spelling of the Irish Gaelic name means ‘majestic’ or ‘esteemed’. This name comes from the English word for the body of water. Colt is the English word for a young male horse. This name has a Welsh origin and means ‘a young fighter’. Shortened form of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’ in Old French. It means ‘God provides strength.’. A form of the name Renatus, meaning ‘born again’. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. These are some of our favorite 4-letter names for baby boys! Cory stems from the Old Norse name ‘Kori’. Alternate spelling of the name that was originally an English surname. These cookies do not store any personal information. Originally an English surname for a person who worked as a guard or watchman. Originally this name comes from Rudolf, meaning ‘fame’ and ‘wolf’.
Shortened version of Bradley, originally a surname meaning ‘broad clearing’. In Persian, Kian means ‘king, foundation, symbol of pride’. Sign up for your Amazon baby registry today! It also means ‘wise’ in Persian. So, we bring you 4-letter names baby boy names which are trendy and easy-to-pronounce. Read more here.

A medieval form of Jordan, referring the the Jordan river, which runs between Isreal and Jordan. This is an old French name which also has Irish and Galic roots. A nickname for Ezekiel, which means ‘God will strengthen’. This list of short four letter names for boys is sure to help you in your quest to find the perfect name for your baby! This is another one syllable name that is a shortened form of Nathan (meaning ‘he gave’) or Nathanial (meaning ‘God has given’). Shortened form of Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’. A Hebrew name which means ‘calm’ and ‘harmony’. Beau is a French name that means ‘handsome’. Originally an Old English surname meaning ‘nook’ or ‘retreat’. Nickname for Jeffery (meaning ‘peace’) or for the Dutch name, Jozef, meaning ‘God will increase’. Boyd was originally a Scottish surname that perhaps originally comes from the name of the island of Bute. It’s a Hebrew name which means ‘the son of the earth’. A short form of Curtis, which was originally an English surname stemming from the word, ‘courteous’. Shortened form of Richard, which means ‘brave, power’. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Gary Cooper, a film star from the 1920’s, popularized the name, after using it as a stage name after his hometown of Gary, Indiana. Cain means ‘acquired’ in Hebrew. This name means ‘peaceful’. We can help! Tony is a nickname for Anthony, from the Roman family Antonius. 200 Cute Unique Names for Boys That You’ll Adore, Strong One Syllable Names for Boys You’ll Adore. Abel. Conn is an Irish name. The meaning of this name is unknown, but was possibly inspired by the fictional place name ‘Arlo Hill’ from Edmund Spenser’s poem ‘The Faerie Queene’. A lot can be said in less!

All rights reserved. Eric was the name of several early Scandinavian kings from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Abha. Rhys is a Welsh name meaning ‘enthusiasm’. An Old Norse name meaning ‘descendant’ or ‘heir’. Meaning ’round’ in Old English, this was originally a surname. Dana was originally a surname that referred to a person from Denmark. This name is a biblical baby boy name and has Hebrew roots.

This cool 4-letter baby boy name is of Welsh origin and means ‘dwelling’. It’s a short form of the name Andrew and has a Greek origin. Dale is an English name for a person who lives in the valley. A biblical name which means ‘mankind’.

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